Corp to Corp

“C2C” stands for “Corp-to-Corp,” which is a business arrangement where one company (often a consulting or staffing firm) enters into a contract with another company (the client or end-user) to provide services. In this context, the term “C2C” is often used in the staffing industry to refer to a specific type of contract arrangement where a consulting or staffing firm provides services to a client company.

In a C2C arrangement, the consulting or staffing firm typically engages independent contractors or consultants to perform the services required by the client company. The consulting or staffing firm acts as an intermediary between the client company and the independent contractors, handling aspects such as contract negotiation, payment processing, and administrative tasks.

From the perspective of the independent contractor or consultant, working in a C2C arrangement means that they are typically responsible for managing their own business entity (such as a corporation or LLC) through which they provide their services. This can involve aspects like invoicing the consulting or staffing firm for their services, managing their own taxes and business expenses, and complying with any legal or regulatory requirements associated with operating a business entity.

C2C arrangements can offer benefits for both the consulting or staffing firm and the client company. For the consulting or staffing firm, it can provide opportunities to expand their client base and offer specialized services. For the client company, it can provide access to a flexible workforce with specialized skills without the need to hire additional full-time employees.

However, C2C arrangements also come with considerations and potential challenges, such as ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations, managing the risks associated with engaging independent contractors, and maintaining clear communication and expectations between all parties involved in the contract.